Base APK Free Download v3.8.1 [ Latest Version] for Android

Base APK v3.8.1 Free [ Latest Version] Download for Android

Base APK Free Download


Base APK Free Download

  • App Name:             Base APK
  • Latest Version:      v3.8.1
  • Publisher:               Miguel Vitorino
  • Size:                        29 MB
  • Platform:               Android
  • App Category:      Productivity

Overview of Base APK

An increasingly popular Android application is Base apk. This programme makes it simple to backup your mobile phone. To backup your personal data to a different folder, use this software. Our websites offer Base APK Free Download of the most recent version of the Base app. Version 5.0 and higher of Android smartphones are needed to utilise the application. The apk was published by Miguel Vitorino. Use this Android productivity app. It offers the safest method for preserving your critical data.

Base apk download

Base App: What Is It?

A third-party app for Android phones is called Base App. It is employed to recover erased data, programmes, and files. This programme makes finding deleted files easy. All you have to do is type the name of the deleted file into the app’s search field. Use this software instead of others since it performs better. These applications save all of the user’s mobile phone’s data, allowing him to retrieve it anytime he needs it. What are you waiting for? Download the base apk right now. Download Turbo Bomber if you want to trick your college pals with text texts.

Exclusive features of Base APK

1. Simply Backup Your Data

One of the safest methods for recovering your data in a few easy steps is offered by Base Apk. If you inadvertently erased your data, download it right now to recover it. For your Android phone, it is secure.

Simple Interface

The fact that the software is universally usable and compatible with a wide range of devices is one of its key characteristics.

Arranging File

On that app, all file records are securely stored. Users can locate it with ease from there. All of your files are safely saved by the Base software, and you can even organise them by name.

Data Encryption

Features like encryption shield against danger. This app offers end-to-end encryption for all of its data. Additionally, third-party sources cannot harm your Android device.

Superfast Backup Speed

In the default software, the backup speed is quick. Thus, everyone can easily and quickly retrieve data. On most apps, large file data backup rates take some time.

Safe Personal Data

While other apps utilise users’ data for their own benefit, this basic software never deceives consumers. This app never requests users’ phone numbers or other personal information.

Free of Costs

Both websites and the Google Play Store provide a large selection of apps. While some apps require payments or subscriptions, this one is completely free.


No Ads

There are no pop-ups or adverts in this app. People are constantly searching for applications without advertisements since occasionally bad materials found in advertisements can damage Android smartphones.

How to Download Base Apk on Android?

  • Everyone may download the base app with ease. Please use the instructions below to quickly download this game.
  • Start by opening your Android’s browser.
  • Enter the website name “modapkpures” in the browser.
  • This webpage will be yours.
  • Type “base apk download” into this website’s search field.
  • It will be the subject of an article.
  • You may download this article by tapping on it.
  • There is a download button at the bottom of this article.
  • To get the most recent version of this app, tap the download icon.
  • Then, you must install APK on your mobile device. Check out the installation procedure below.

How to Install Base APK

The basic app installation procedure is broken out step-by-step below. For instructions on how to install the app, click this link.

  • From the file manager, launch the downloaded application.
  • To provide full authority, select the “allows” option.
  • Access the security configuration.
  • From there, an option for an unknown resource appears.
  • Permit the installation of a third-party app by the unknown resource.
  • To install this application, tap the install button and give it a few seconds.
  • Open the app now and start using it.

FAQs of Base APK Download

Q.1- My personal data is safe with base apk?

For all smartphones, Base apk is a dependable and trustworthy app. You can utilise it fearlessly since it is secure or safe.

Q.2- is deleted file recovery possible by the base app?

Indeed, it is the main function of this tool, and it can recover any deleted file.

Q.3- Is base apk works on ios?

Yes, that functions flawlessly on both Android and iOS devices.

Q.5 In this app login or registration required?

No, there is no registration or login process needed for this software. Save backup data immediately and use the apk.


With the help of the utility programme Base apk, you may recover erased data from your phone. This app has all the functions that are available in multiples. Using the download link below, you ought to be able to get it for nothing. This you can use to correctly retrieve the info from your phone.

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